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SPP1935 -- Deciphering the mRNP code :
RNA-bound Determinants of Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation

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laboratoriesDr. Müller

Christoph Müller Center
EMBL Heidelberg

Meyerhofstrasse 1, 69117 Heidelberg


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dynamRBPomics: Structural and functional interactomics of novel and dynamic mRBPs active during Drosophila development

Colaboration with Dr. Janosch Hennig and Dr. Anne Ephrussi


Focus of the group: Structural and biophysical characterization of RNPs


- X-ray crystallography
- Single-particle cryo-EM
- Biochemistry

PublicationsPUBLICATIONS :

Fernandez-Tornero C, Moreno-Morcillo M, Rashid UJ, Taylor NM, Ruiz FM, Gruene T, Legrand P, Steuerwald U & Müller CW (2013). Crystal structure of the 14-subunit RNA polymerase I. Nature 502, 644-9.

Alfieri C, Gambetta MC, Matos R, Glatt S, Sehr P, Fraterman S, Wilm M, Müller J, Müller, CW (2013) Structural basis for targeting the chromatin repressor Sfmbt to Polycomb response elements. Genes Dev. 27, 2367-79.

Male G, von Appen A, Glatt S, Taylor NM, Cristovao M, Groetsch H, Beck M, Müller CW (2015). Architecture of TFIIIC and its role in RNA polymerase III pre-initiation complex assembly. Nat Commun 6 doi:10.1038/ncomms8387

Jeske M, Bordi M, Glatt S, Müller S, Rybin V, Müller CW, Ephrussi A. (2015). The Crystal Structure of the Drosophila Germline Inducer Oskar Identifies Two Domains with Distinct Vasa Helicase- and RNA-Binding Activities. Cell Rep. 12, 587-98.

Hoffmann NA, Jakobi AJ, Moreno-Morcillo M, Glatt S, Kosinski J, Hagen WJ, Sachse C, Müller CW. (2015). Molecular structures of unbound and transcribing RNA polymerase III. Nature 528, 231-236.