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RNA-bound Determinants of Post-transcriptional Gene Regulation

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laboratoriesDr. Brettschneider

Reinhold Brettschneider Center
Biozentrum Klein Flottbek - University of Hamburg

Ohnhorststr. 18 - 22609 Hamburg

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Molecular control of meiosis in plants

Colaboration with Prof. Dr. Arp Schnittger


Meiosis is of central importance for the life cycle of sexually reproducing organisms, such as the majority of flowering plants. Moreover, meiosis is key to biodiversity and with that also for plant breeding. Recent data from us and others strongly suggest that meiosis in plants, similar to meiosis in yeast, relies on pervasive translational control. However, since meiocytes are difficult to isolate, especially from Arabidopsis, in which our molecular understanding of plant meiosis is most advanced, very little is known about meiotic gene regulation through translation. Based on current advances in our team, we can now overcome these technical limitations and will here obtain the translatome of the eudicotyledonous species Arabidopsis thaliana. Highly translated and very poorly translated transcripts will then be analyzed in detail for their particular compositions of proteins that bind to them and control their translation. In parallel, we will unravel the ribonucleo-protein composition of three genes in Arabidopsis for which we have obtained evidence for translational regulation in our preparatory work. With this pioneering project we want reach a new level of our understanding of gene regulation in meiosis.


- Live imaging of translation
- Ribosome-profiling
- Proteomics of mRNPs
- Etc.

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